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Five Perks of Buying Jewelry Sets
Overwhelmed by the choice on a website? Not sure which product to get or how to match it? Or are you buying a gift for someone and want to get as m...
How to Choose the Perfect Earrings for your Face Shape
Hi Friends! Did you know that there are certain earring silhouettes that look better on certain face shapes? Do you know how to choose the most fla...
How to Show Off Your Statement Necklace
Hello friends! We have been recently asking ourselves at Novadab why statement jewelry is so popular, why is it so much fun to wear? After brainsto...
Five Jewelry Staples Every Woman Should Have
Hello friends! Are you planning on weeding out your jewelry box but not sure what pieces to leave? Or are you starting from scratch and rebuilding ...
What Your Bracelets Say About You
Are you curious how to classify your style? Do you wonder what your ensemble says about your overall likes and dislikes? There are many different k...
How to Wear Statement Earrings
One of our favorite fashion trends going on right now is the statement earrings. Do you love them as well or do you find you are intimated? It can ...

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