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Storing Your Jewelry Properly: Why it is so Important?
Since heat and light impact jewelry, proper storage plays a key role in maintaining the shape and beauty of your accessories. Use a jewelry organiz...
At Home Jewelry Cleaning Hacks
FEEL AS THOUGH YOUR DIAMOND RINGDOESN'T HAVE THE SAME SPARKLE?? Lucky for you, you can clean your diamond rightat home! (Not that we recommend *al...
The Best Halloween Costumes to Show Off Your Jewelry
Halloween is one of the most fun celebrations of the year! These days we celebrate this holiday not only on the day, but all month long. Do you hav...
7 Things to avoid to keep your jewelry Radiant Forever
Who doesn’t want their treasured pieces of jewelry to glisten forever? Buying jewelry is an investment and everyone wants to take care of them with...
The 7 Best Ways to Celebrate Back to School
1. Get a new coffee mugThere is no better way to start off the school year than with your daily hot drink in a mug, especially a new one! The begin...
How Best to Mix and Match Jewelry with Two Different Finishes
Ever find yourself putting on a necklace only to wondering if it goes with your wedding band or those rose gold bracelets you’ve been wanting to we...


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