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At Home Jewelry Cleaning Hacks
Feeling like your fashion jewelry or fine jewelry s lacking luster these days? Are you stuck at home and can’t get to a profession due to the pande...
The Best Ways to Wear Jewelry
Fashion jewelry can add to the beauty of an outfit, but only when it accentuates the outfit. Jewelry worn incorrectly can create an unappealing app...
Celebrating Valentine's Day
It’s a month until February 14th and it is time to start thinking red—for Valentine’s Day! You may not wear the same kitschy plastic jewelry that y...
A New Year – A New Novadab Offer
We made it – we got to 2021! Thank goodness. We have pretty low expectations for this year, but we deeply wish you a healthy and happy new year. O...
End 2020 the Best Way Possible
We’ve entered the last week of 2020 and we could not be more excited! We all know that this year has been a trying one, to say the least, and we fi...
Need a Pick-Me-Up? - We’ve Got the Perfect Solution
Has this year been tough on you? Trust us -- we get it! At this point we all need something to cheer ourselves up a bit. At Novadab, we love all je...

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