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2020 Gift Giving Guide - 10 ideas of gifts for your loved ones

2020 Gift Giving Guide - 10 ideas of gifts for your loved ones

Have you started purchasing gifts for your loved ones or are you still looking for the perfect gift to get someone on your list? Run out of ideas for your Aunt, Neighbor or Secret Santa at the office? We have got you covered here. We know this year has been a crazy one and we all deserve some quality gifs this year. Check out our ideas on the list below!

One – Give the Gift of Warm Hands

When it is cold out, the worst feeling is having to take your gloves off so that you can text your friends or family. Buying the perfect gloves that you can continue to wear while texting is key to keeping your hands toasty. Black Diamond fleece gloves are stretchy, water-repellent, and allow for accurate typing – the perfect fit!

Two – Give the Gift of Joyous Cooking

Do you have friends and family who love to spice things up? We have found the perfect spicy sauces for you to gift to them. The Brooklyn Delhi’s chili sauce trio-pack delivers a flavorful punch. The Indian condiments pair well with pretty much everything from burgers to pasta.

Three – Give the Gift of an Eco-Friendly Sip

This is the gift to give all your loved ones that are conscious about the environment. The best kind of stainless-steel straws to gift are the ones that are capped with pliable, curved silicone tips. They make them convenient for slurping smoothies at home or drinking iced coffee on-the-go, and they’re also easier to clean than other reusable straws.

Four – Give the Gift of Travel-Size Survival Kit

Travel-sized items are always in need! When you have found something this useful it is important to share with everyone. This mini-kit has all the essentials you need to survive, especially if you’re outdoors or camping. It includes a fire starter, wire saw, compass, six-in-one penknife, tweezers, rope and safety pins.

Five – Give the Gift of Coasters for the Homesick

Personalized gifts come from the heart and spark joy in whomever receives them. Coasters are a practical gift but when they are personalized, they go from being useful to being an elegant and thoughtful present. Elevate personalization beyond mere monogramming with a set of coasters that represent the recipient's neighborhood.

Six – Give the Gift of Novadab Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the best gifts to give someone during the holiday season! We have so many beautiful pieces that will light up any recipient of your gift giving. There are products for men, women, children and anyone else on your list. Not sure of the person’s style? Get them a gift card and they can chose their favorite item.

Seven – Give the Gift of a Luxe Robe for Lounging

During the winter nothing is better than relaxing at home in a robe with a good book. Make sure all your family and friends have both (See number 8 for the book suggestion). We found the perfect robe that doesn’t force you to choose between comfort and appearance. The Shangri-La Robe has a fluid, lightweight knit that skims the body while a midcalf cut keeps it classy. Cropped kimono sleeves look cute and won’t dip into your coffee cup.

Eight – Give the Gift of a Good Read

Coffee Table books are the most fun gift to give. They can spruce up anyone’s living room and their life. One of our favorite books is, How Animals Age. The photographer Isa Leshko reveals the beauty of a full life through dramatic black-and-white images of aging animals, all of which have been rescued from neglect and abuse.

Nine – Give the Gift of Always Looking Luxe

Looking your best is key, but when you are always on the go it can be hard -- except when you have a luxe lint roller. The trick to giving a practical holiday gift is to find a version that is more attractive or clever than the standard. The Flint lint roller is both: the sticky paper is housed in a retractable tube that comes in colors like navy and metallic plum. Chic and useful!

Ten – Give the Gift of Beautiful Scents

A beautifully smelling candle can improve any bad day. There are so many different kinds out there, but our current favorite is the "Josephine" candle. This candle transforms any room into a boudoir à la Josephine Baker. The scent — a mix of rose, jasmine, and sandalwood — that, much like the icon's captivating performances, linger.

There we have it! We hope these 10 ideas have helped you brainstorm the best presents for all the people on your list. Below is an image of some of the ideas we put together just in case you want to pin it for later.🙂

Did you find these tips helpful? Do you think we missed anything? Leave it in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you.

XO Novadab


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