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5 Kinds of Necklaces You Must Have in Your Jewelry Box

5 Kinds of Necklaces You Must Have in Your Jewelry Box

The right kind of jewelry can set your mood and cause you to have an uplifting day. You can make any attire look fabulous by wearing the perfect bauble to accent your outfit. Whether it’s a pendant, a chain or a string of pearls, it is important to get the one that goes with your top’s neckline and your body type.

Check out all the suggestions we have put together below for the five types of necklaces you must own:

1. Layer Up for a Statement Look

Multi-layered necklaces can be worn with casual, trendy or dressy outfits. You can layer the chains to jazz up your attire as well. Layered statement neckpieces look stunning when you wear them up with V-necks or collared shirts to balance out the shape of the neckline.

2. Go Funky with Chunky

This one is a must-have in your jewelry closet. Studded with pearls, beads and stones, they are known to add classiness to an otherwise plain look or compliment an already bold look. The elegant pieces work amazingly well with the boat-neck dresses.

3. Love for Solo Pendants

Less is more; this works for jewelry -- keeping it subtle always works. The key is to keep it minimalistic. You should look for something like a metallic leaf collar necklace, singular heart or a delicate wine glass.

4. Get the Choker Right - Keep Your Style Game On

Chokers have made a comeback. If you want to bring attention to your neckline, add one to your jewelry box now. Whether you’re wearing a strapless top or an off-shoulder gown, one can hardly ever go wrong with choker necklaces.

5. Keep it fabulous with Collar Necklace

With the peter pan collars being the biggest trend in fashion, collar necklaces can be an amazing option to pair up with any formal attire. These statement jewelry pieces will fetch you a shower of complements at your workplace.


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Handcrafted Jewelry by Novadab

Handcrafted Jewelry by Novadab