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5 Ways to Accessorize a Simple Outfit

5 Ways to Accessorize a Simple Outfit

Do you love to rock a simple white t-shirt and jeans, but are not sure how to balance your accessories? Do you struggle with finding the perfect amount of flair without being overwhelmed by your embellishments? We’ve got you covered my friends! This week we put together a short list of all the ways you can accessorize a simple outfit with it overbearing your garment. Even if you have some pizzaz in your outfit these tips will help you style like a pro.



Sunglasses are our favorite accessory because they are the perfect balance between functional and fashionable. If you aren’t feeling the best or decided not to put on makeup, then throw on a pair of sunglasses and you will look like a rockstar no matter what. We love that there are so many different styles and colors of sunglasses so that even a simple outfit can be dressed up. If you love a good neutral shade like tortoise shell or black, or bright colors and patterns there is a pair of sunglasses for everyone! And every outfit!



We love shoes here at Novadab! Especially with the Fall season coming on because that means it is boot season! You can easily dress up your t-shirt and jean combo with heels or flats, but a boot or bootie will really elevate your style. You can effortlessly move from day wear to night wear with boots because they are casual enough for the day and fancy for any evening activity. There are so many different designs and colors of boots or booties that no matter if you prefer a neutral or colorful pop you can find it on the market.


Statement Jewelry

We at Novadab are of course all about statement jewelry to dress up the causal look of a t-shirt and jeans. There are so many different statement pieces you can choose from including, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Right now, we are starting to dream about all our fun Halloween styles and how we can accessorize with those. Something as delicate and packed with whimsy as our Halloween bracelet pictured above can still pop your outfit just as much as the unique skeleton necklace pictured above. We love celebrating the seasonal festivities with statement jewelry and think you should too!



No matter the season you can always find a good hat to complete your look! Over the summer we have been wearing all the summer straw hats we can find. Now that it is turning into the Fall season, we can move onto felt hats that range from neutrals or rustic fall colors. These are great options when you want to have a fancier feel to your outfit, but if you need a laidback look then reach for a baseball cap. These are great for bad hair days or when you feel like a rocking a sportier look for your day wear.



We love a good handbag at Novadab! Especially those that complete an outfit but don’t overwhelm it. We also prefer a handbag that is one you can sling over your shoulder and will hold all the things you need but not be too big. You can easily match your outfits with handbags which will elevate your simple outfit to a stunner. We usually go for a neutral color like brown, beige, grey or black but you can always choose a pop of color like pink or orange if you’re feeling really snazzy.


There you have it! We hope these five tips on how to dress up your simple outfits will help you feel like a fashionista as you pair your ensembles. We cannot wait to see how you style like a pro!

Below is an image of all the pointers we put together just in case you want to pin it for later!

Did you find these tips helpful? Do you think we missed anything? Leave it in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you.

XO Novadab


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