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6 Things to do to Spark Happiness

6 Things to do to Spark Happiness

There is so much going on in the world right now that it is important to focus on the things that bring us happiness. Sometimes it’s hard to make time for yourself and even remember what makes you happy. When you are in a positive mindset from doing something, even small, you can get through every day easier. Taking those small steps can make you happy and then it will begin to expand into every aspect of your life. Here are six ways you can spark joy in your life!

One: Be proud of the small wins

It’s important to think big and create long-term goals for yourself – maybe that’s getting your dream job, becoming a parent or owning your own business someday. To get there, it takes chipping away at smaller goals and keeping a positive attitude, even when it gets challenging. Keeping track of your progress, whether through a journal, list or planner can help you stay focused, especially if you take time to look back and appreciate the milestones.

Two: Be grateful for growth

Learning is an important aspect of daily growth. With the mix of work, home duties and friends and family, it’s easy to miss all of the incredible growth made along the way. Practice a moment of gratitude each day for your own personal growth. This not only helps you reframe from negative thoughts, but also reassures you what you actually learned and how you grew along the way.

Three: Build connections with people

There are so many great ways to create connections with people, Instagram Stories, YouTube videos, video calling, and any other way you can think of. Learning is a human interaction and making real social interactions will set you up with lifelong people skills you’ll need for the future.

Four: Learn to let go

Books, paperwork, clothes, stationary – these things can all start to pile up and make your space – and energy – feel cluttered and unorganized. At the end of each season, take time to go through your things and ask yourself if it sparks happiness. If not, thank it and say goodbye. You’ll feel relieved and centered.

Five: Say “thank you”

Another practice that can bring you joy is remembering to say thank you. Doing this can certainly translate into a practice for life. Say “thank you” to your family, teachers, friends, mentors and anyone who’s helping you reach your goals. You’ll probably make their day and you’ll feel positive energy from the exchange.

Six: Wear some of your favorite pieces

Accessorizing your outfits with some of your favorite fashion items can help spark joy within your day. Do you have a special scarf? Necklace? Earrings? Or purse? Wearing one of your favorite accessories puts you in a happy state of mind which helps you take on whatever the day brings.

Learning small ways to spark happiness is a great way to de-stress, stay focused and remember what’s important through life’s journey. If you implement these six practices you will have a happiness mindset in your life and you won’t even need to remind yourself to do them.


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