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7 Things to avoid to keep your jewelry Radiant Forever

7 Things to avoid to keep your jewelry Radiant Forever

Who doesn’t want their treasured pieces of jewelry to glisten forever? Buying jewelry is an investment and everyone wants to take care of them with utmost care. And why not!

However, it not always possible to completely save your jewelry pieces from tarnishing or damage. But with avoiding these 7 things we can stretch the life of our favorite jeweled pieces and help them continue to shine.

Here are the 7 things we must avoid to stretch the life-span of our favorite pieces:

ONE - Using Beauty Products: After putting on fashion jewelry, do not use beauty products such as perfumes, lotions, creams, spray etc. Do you know how much damage they can cause to our favorite costume jewelry? Beauty products contain chemical compositions and when they come into contact with your fashion jewelry, these chemicals adversely affect it. Besides fading away the finish and dulling down the radiance, these beauty product weaken the piece and quicken the natural break down process.

TWO - Avoid Overusing: Every jeweled piece needs some ‘resting’ time. Surprised? But, it’s true! Overusing jewelry leads to the buildup of corroding chemicals and dirt, which finally causes the damage. It is important to take off your jewelry periodically and let it rest for a while. Not only this will give a break to you from wearing the same jewel every day, but it will also help the gems to ‘breathe’.

THREE -- Direct contact with water: Your fashion jewelry can be greatly damaged by contact with water. Always take off your jewelry before going for a bath. Even if you are going to wash your hands, make sure you have taken off your rings and bangles. If you are going for a swim, wearing your fashion jewelry should be strictly avoided. Saltwater and chlorine that are present in the water will take a toll on your jewelry and will quicken the rusting and corrosion issues.

FOUR - Knitted Sweaters and Fuzzy Scarves: Your clothes can be a damaging agent for your jewelry. Fuzzy sweaters and knitted clothes often snag your pieces and cause loosening of the prongs. Unfortunately, your clothes can get damaged too. Therefore, it is very important to choose your jeweled pieces carefully when wearing knitted clothes.

FIVE - Exposing to sunlight: When your jewelry comes in direct contact with sunlight, dust or sweat, it is bound to lose its shine. You might have noticed, when you go out in sunlight, your bracelet might leave green marks on your skin. Spending long periods in sunlight takes a toll on your fashion jewelry and results in tarnishing. Hence, it is recommended to keep your treasured jewel pieces at home while going out in sunlight for long duration of time.

SIX - No low maintenance: While many of us believe that buying costume jewelry relives us from its maintenance, it is an absolute myth! No matter how much you pay for jewelry, it requires the appropriate maintenance to keep it shining. Always clean your jewelry after wearing to remove any unwanted dust and chemical deposition. Never leave your jewelry in any tarnish remover or cleaner overnight or for long periods of time. Always use a soft damp cloth to clean your jewelry to avoid any kind of damage.

SEVEN - Household Chores: If you are going to clean your house, you will come in contact with water and other cleaning agents which can damage your jewelry. They can destroy the rhinestones and tarnish the metal, so it’s best to take your jewelry off when doing household chores.

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