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7 tips: How to Travel Safely With Jewelry

7 tips: How to Travel Safely With Jewelry

Do you love travelling? Is your cousin’s wedding right around-the-corner and you have to pack your bags but are confused about how to safely travel with your jewelry? As we all know, jewelry is a fashion essential. From a formal occasion to a casual day out with friends, the role of a statement necklace or funky jewelry makes the whole difference!

So, if you are planning to travel with your jewelry, here are 7 useful tips which you must consider to make the journey safe for you as well as for your jewelry:

Avoid expensive pieces

  • We all know about the risk associated with travelling that ranges from items being damaged to being stolen. It is always advisable to avoid carrying the expensive jewelry pieces because that will let you enjoy your travels and you will be trouble-free.

Planning is equally important

  • Randomly packing up any jeweled piece without planning may lead to chaos. You must plan your outfit and consider the relevant jewelry. It will also help in reducing the luggage you have to carry.

Pack your jewel carefully

  • No matter how selectively you pick your jewelry for travelling unless you pack it appropriately; they are prone to damage. Always use a travel jewelry case with multiple compartments and place each piece carefully into a single compartment to avoid any tangle or friction.

Versatile pieces should be preferred

  • It is ideal to pick versatile pieces which go well with multiple outfits. A multi-color crystal necklace is perfect to complement any of your dresses. You can also wear small earrings to compliment any gathering.

Accessorize according to the occasion

  • It is very important to choose jewelry according to the occasion. If you going to a beach party, choose jewelry that is made of shell, wood or stone. Those pieces will not get tarnished with the saltwater. If you are going to a wedding ceremony, choose a necklace that will help you sparkle.

Make appropriate pairing

  • If you are packing simple clothes, statement jewelry is a must to accompany them. For flashy dresses, emphasis should be on a minimalist look. For most of your basic travel outfits, you can count upon bohemian statement necklace.

Wedding rings should be substituted

  • Wedding rings hold a significant place in our lives, and we do not want to lose them. Your expensive wedding rings are recommended to be substituted with less expensive bands. That way if anything happens on your trip it will not be with your wedding rings.


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