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Accentuate your Designer Fashion Jewelry with 6 amazing tips

Accentuate your Designer Fashion Jewelry with 6 amazing tips

Every fashion fiesta is fond of buying the Designer Fashion jewelry but wearing them in a correct way is always crucial to create a definitive fashion statement. After all, Jewelry is the reflection of your fashion spirit and accessorizing yourself is truly an articulate affair. Some women prefer to go with fashion bangles while some prefer to put on heavy necklaces. Choosing a correct jewelry in parity to your outfit completes your look perfectly. Here are the 6 rules that one should follow while wearing Designer Fashion Jewelry to add a chic look to their persona:

Balance your Designer Fashion Jewelry between subtle and chic

Jewelry is meant to add some sparkle to your attire but too much is surely not a good idea. Going with an armful of bangles demands your earrings and necklace to be quiet subtle. If you go with a heavy neckpiece, you should use studs as earrings and sleek fashion bracelet to decorate you arm. Fashion jewelry is always a pocket-friendly option but choosing a cheap piece which is a poor imitation of a real deal is truly a bad idea.

Add life to your attire by choosing right necklace

Choosing a right kind of necklace is a big deal that must go well with your attire. If your outfit has a turtle or high necklines, pairing them with long chain will help you to accentuate your looks. If you want to make your choker or bib style necklace as a statement necklace, you should go with an open neckline to highlight such necklace.

Pick up the right earrings

Women Earrings might look small, but they have a huge impact on your outfit. With a simple dress, huge and chic danglers can work wonders and can completely alter your look. Earrings been the direct line of vision while you interact with anyone, instantly draws the attention. While going with chandelier earrings, you should prefer to skip your necklace. Add some colors to your look with dainty drop earrings.

Decorate your arm correctly

To add a trendy look, pair your bracelet with a sleek watch. A chic way to wear cuffs is placing them over long-sleeved knit. If you want to wear handful of fashion bangles, try to keep your other wrist bare. Accessorizing your arms heavily calls for minimal usage of necklace and earrings.

Figure out where to stop
Don’t make your bangles compete your necklace. Make sure which area you wish to highlight and accessorize yourself accordingly. If you wish to highlight your face and neckline, wearing an eye-catchy necklace is a great idea but filling your hand with handful bangles will be ‘too much’. A dazzling pair of earrings needs a subtle necklace or at times a matching necklace can also work wonders.

Contrasts are ‘in’

Pairing a sterling silver color pendant with a contrast-color chain or putting up bangles of varied metal will make you stand out. Add some vibrant colors to your outfit by picking up the contrasting fashion jewelry into mixed metal colors.

Add a sense of style to your look with these simple fashion tips that will surely help you to accessorize yourself with designer fashion jewelry in a correct way.


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