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Five Jewelry Staples Every Woman Should Have

Five Jewelry Staples Every Woman Should Have

Hello friends!

Are you planning on weeding out your jewelry box but not sure what pieces to leave? Or are you starting from scratch and rebuilding your collection and not sure where to start? We have the answers!

It can be overwhelming to try to do these things but with our assistance it will be so much easier. In this blog pos, we have laid out the five jewelry staples that every person should own in their jewelry box. Easy peasy!

One: Pearls

Who doesn’t love this classic beauty?

One of the principle items to have in your collection is something made of pearls. The reason for that is because pearls go with everything, can be dressed up or down, are comfortable and flatter every skin type.

Our favorite way to wear pearls is as a necklace, but you can also go for earrings or a bracelet if you prefer. They can also include other stones, metals or designs, they do not have to include just a strand of pearls.

Two: Simple Earring

An easy way to pull together an effortless outfit!

Another key piece to have in your jewelry box is a small, delicate and simple earring. That way you will still look polished and put together but not in an overwhelming way.

Examples of these earrings can include rhinestone studs, small hoops, pearl posts or mini droplets. They can also be monochromatic or one metal finish but if you’d like an extra pop, go for a bright color or a combination of colors.

Three: Brooch

Not sure how to wear a brooch? Check out our post about it

The next major must have for your jewelry collection is a brooch. These pieces are a great way to show off your personality, make a statement and pull your ensemble together.

Brooches or pins come in so many different styles that no matter what aesthetic you prefer for your outfits there will be a brooch to go with it. There are so many variants, such as whimsical to modern designs, animal to seasonal pins, and funky colors to classic monochromatic – anything you can think of is a brooch!

Four: Charm Bracelet

The perfect way to show off your personality!

The fourth fundamental item to include in your jewelry box is a personalized charm bracelet. There are so many different ways to illustrate your character with a charm bracelet from building it over time to including your birthstone or initials in the design.

Charm bracelets can have themes, represent your family, celebrate a holiday or mark a life event. They can be deeply meaningful or just be a little bit of fun! If you’re not sure the design you’d like you can build it charm by charm and make each element truly count.

Five: Watch

Always know the time so you’re never late.

The last essential jewelry piece is a beautifully designed and easy to wear watch. These days people tend to look at their phone for the time, but we believe there is nothing like a good old watch. The artistry, simplicity and style are second to none.

The watch may be a classic accessory, but they can come in a multitude of styles that include funky, whimsical, modern, or boho. Not only is it a useful accessory but it can elevate your outfit to the next level while also completing your overall refined look.

That’s it! There are your five staples that you must have in your jewelry collection. Do you need an image for reference when you do all your shopping? We pinned one below for you, just in case.

Did you find these tips helpful? Do you think we missed anything? Leave it in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you.

XO Novadab


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