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Gothic Jewelry Collection - How to Style for Halloween and Beyond

Gothic Jewelry Collection - How to Style for Halloween and Beyond

We are looking forward to celebrating Halloween with our jewelry! But what do you do to celebrate Halloween with your jewelry when you are not a fan of cutesy charms and pumpkin brooches? Then look no further than our Gothic Jewelry Collection! Do you prefer medieval and mysterious jewelry? Then the spooky month of October must be your favorite time to purchase items. We have created the perfect collection of all the romantic gothic, spooky gothic and sparkly gothic jewelry pieces that you can wear for Halloween. Even better you can wear them throughout the seasons to show off your mysterious side all year long.



In our Gothic Collection we have selected many different versions of gothic styled necklaces. They can range from romantic necklaces to spooky necklaces and we’ve got you covered with them all!

This necklace has a pop of color that emanates vampiric stately style!

This necklace is adorable but also reminds you of nighttime adventures.

This necklace is a stunningly romantic and vintage style.



In our Gothic Collection there are multiple different styles of bracelets to choose from. They can range from geometric bracelets to mysterious bracelets and we have included them all.

This bracelet is a stunning mix of shapes and designs to kick off your creepy fashion.

This bracelet is a fun way to show off your ghostly gothic style in October and subtly all year long.

This bracelet is beautifully woven and when you dress it with dark colors it perfectly balances your gothic style.



In our Gothic Collection there are a multitude of varied styles of earrings to look through. They include creepy crawly earrings to romantic dangle earrings, and we have collected all the pieces that we know you’ll love.

These earrings masterfully balance glitzy romance with gothic vintage style.

These earrings are delicate and have the pop of red blood color to complete any outfit.

These earrings are a clever design that is very eye catching and will be quite the conversation piece!


Necklace Sets

In our Gothic Collection we have a bunch of necklace sets that you can wear to add the finish touch to your ensemble. They consist of dramatic necklace sets to moody necklace sets and we have compiled them all in this collection for you.

This necklace set is one of a kind and will make you feel that way yourself!

This necklace set is both delicate and highly detailed creating a memorizing seductive style.

This necklace set is reminiscent of the ornate jewelry of the Victorian era and will make you feel like a proper resplendent romantic.

There we have it! We hope this collection of Gothic Jewelry has helped you expand your spooky style for the month of Halloween along with the rest of the year. Below is an image of everything we put together just in case you want to pin it for later.

Did you find these tips helpful? Do you think we missed anything? Leave it in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you.

XO Novadab


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