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Handcrafted Jewelry by Novadab

Handcrafted Jewelry by Novadab


A specially made piece of the jewel can make a huge difference to your style and confidence! Especially, when it comes to handcrafted jewels that make you stand out with their unique style and captivating variations.

Painted, beaded, embossed, sequined, engraved, filigreed or carved, each handmade jewel has its own charm. These timeless pieces can easily be treasured in your wardrobe for their majestic style. Each carefully crafted handmade piece represents culture and is known for its exemplary style.

Jewelry artisans that create handmade jewelry showcase their craftsmanship on various metals and gemstones including silver, brass, gold, copper, gold and turquoise, amethyst, quartz and coral. Their talent easily crafts an exclusive piece of artwork in the form of a handmade jewelry.

Against the mass-produced jewelry, handmade jewelry has gained an abundance of popularity in the last decade as it symbolizes a history, culture and humanity. The dexterous craftsmen painstakingly pass their legacy down to future generations so society can continue to have a handmade cultural spirit in today's fashion.

From bold style to dramatic colors, intricate artwork, creative designs and extraordinary styles, handmade jewelry has a wide range to offer to compliment your various moods and styles. At Novadab, we bring you the best from the world of fashion. Our handpicked collection of the handcrafted jewelry is meant for the fashionista like you.

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