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Healing Power of Crystals and Stones

Healing Power of Crystals and Stones

Since the beginning of time, semi-precious stones and crystals have been deeply connected with the human experience. Ancient civilizations throughout time have used stones to divine information, heal our mental, physical, and spiritual bodies, attract energy, and catch the eye of others.


How do these stones make you feel and how can they help you? Talismans, amulets, and jewelry have been used to cure the sick, spruce up the living, provide good luck, and prevent harm. The stories of the magical properties of stone span culture, religion, time, and distance. Here are a few of the semi-precious stones and crystals we offer along with their historically believed benefits.




Turquoise may be the first stone to be widely used in the decoration and jewelry throughout the ancient world. Shamans, warriors, and kings alike prized the stone for its protection and tranquility. Believing that the stone conveyed wisdom and power, Iraqis, Persians, Egyptians, and Aztecs all used inlaid turquoise in jewelry, masks, and shields. The name turquoise comes from the French language and means “Turkish Stone.” The stone’s popularity exploded with new Turkish trade routes brought the stone from Persia into bazaars and markets throughout the Mediterranean region. Turquoise continues to be highly prized today. Here in America, turquoise has long been a central element of Navajo culture and spiritual beliefs. For example, the Navajo believed that Turquoise could also bring rain if a piece were cast into a river accompanied by a prayer. The stone's unique hues of blue, green, black and white represent a mix of happiness, health and good luck. Turquoise is also increasingly rare, as less than 5 percent of all the turquoise mined today has the qualities that make it suitable for jewelry and many of the famous mines in the American Southwest have run dry. For the ultimate expression of friendship, gift your best friend with an increasingly rare but still beautiful turquoise stone.




Quartz has been used in amulets, talisman, and even in electronics because Quartz has piezoelectric qualities and conducts subtle currents of energy. Rose Quartz in particular has been an enduring symbol of love since 600 B.C. The crystal encourages connection and fosters love of all kinds, including love of self, family, friends, children, and the divine. The stone’s soft, gentle pinkish hues heals the emotional body by helping the wearer release pain. Rose quartz is a traditional gift that offers peace in times of grief and the loss. It provides a base to reassure us in difficult and traumatic times, helps us forgive, and eases painful feelings of loneliness.




Mother of Pearl is the glamorous and beautiful shell lining where pearls are birthed. This semi-precious stone has been used for centuries to enhance intuition, sensitivity and awareness, open imagination, and bring prosperity. The stone’s rainbow array of soft colors warms the heart while calming and centering the mind. Your meditation practice can benefit from the centering effects of this shell.




You’ve waited for it since the introduction! Now dig a bit deeper to find out about one of our most versatile and beautiful stones. Lapis Lazuli is the stone of the kings and queens. Royalty used this stone because it symbolized truthfulness, power, openness and inner peace. This stone has sustained its popularity over time and the dark blue has become the symbol of honor, vision, and wisdom. Now you know why it was used to adorn the jewelry and sarcophagus of the great rulers of Egypt! While Lapis was used to adorn the holy, the powerful, and the rich, it has also since been used in scarabs, talisman, and jewelry. In addition to makeup, dyes are made from ground Lapis and used for paints or in textiles. In modern times, people use Lapis for problem solving and it is especially popular for those desiring wisdom. Inventors, writers, lawyers, journalists and executives can all benefit from the clarity of judgment offered by Lapis.

Treat your body, mind, and spirit to the gift of magic and energy - And look good doing it. Cleanse yourself, protect your family, and share in the beauty this jewelry has provided since ancient times. Below is an image of all the stones just in case you want to pin it for later. 🙂

Did you find this post helpful? Do you think we missed anything? Leave it in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you.

XO Novadab

Disclaimer & Credits:

The suggestions made in this post are strictly for entertainment and are based on historical accounts, beliefs, and stories. This entertainment should not be treated as professional medical advice nor should not be used as such. Please consult your doctor or other medical professional before adopting treatment for anything that ails you. Thanks to:, Health and Energy Network,,,,, and for providing background sources for this piece.


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