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How To Choose The Perfect Earrings For Your Face Type

How To Choose The Perfect Earrings For Your Face Type

With the ample of options available in market, it becomes very difficult to choose designer fashion earring which deemed to fit your face perfectly. With varied styles, it is imperative to choose one that goes well along with your persona completing your look in a distinguished way. The shape of your face plays a vital role in picking up the style of your Designer Fashion earrings. So, How to choose the perfect Earrings for your face type? Well, here is an exhaustive guide which let you choose the perfect pair that will add elegance to your look in an eminent way:

Designer Fashion Earring for Heart-Shaped Face Type

The natural triangular shape of your face goes perfect with teardrop earring types. With soft curves, it ideally throws a balanced look to your face. The inverted triangular shapes must be a complete ‘no’ for such face types.

Fashion Drop Earrings for Square Face Type

If you have square face, make sure to choose the fashion drop earrings with exaggerated shapes. To add a softer look, pick up the earring with edgy shapes and angular edges. Long tinsel earring work wonders with this face type, however you may also go with medium ones if you wish to settle with subtle look. The natural angle of your face is accentuated with jittery shapes.

Peacock Feather Earring for Oval Face Type

Women with oval face are blessed in a way that any shape of earrings goes perfect with their face. You may experiment with different styles and shapes including bold colors. Peacock Feather Earring is one of the exotic choices which flaunt bright shades of violet and give you valiant look. You may also go with ovals or hoops to compliment the natural contour of your face shape.

Fashion Drop Earrings for Round Face Type

If you have a round face, you need to be particular about the width of the earrings. From medium to thin width type, long Fashion Drop earrings go best with this face type. Chunky earrings including hoops as well as button studs should be avoided as it will add more roundness to your face giving it a plump look. Long earrings not only adds a slimmer look to your round face but also makes it look more angular.

Designer Fashion earring for Narrow Face type

To add a volume to your narrow face, round earrings or button studs suits the best. These fashion earrings surely add an ‘oomph’ factor to your face with their bright hues. You may also experiment with the oval shaped earrings that give a broader look to your face as well. Choose the suitable style of your earrings now as per your face type and steal the show with your ultimate style.


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