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How to Find the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

How to Find the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Do you love shopping for sunglasses, but not sure which style is the most flattering for your face shape? Are you called to a cat eye? A completely round style? A more chunky or oversized design? There are so many different designs that you can chose from which can become overwhelming – that’s why we’re here to help. Find your face shape below and read about which fun style is perfect for you!

If you have an OVAL FACE…

This means that your beautiful face has symmetrical features. "Lucky you! Almost any style looks good on your face." Aviators? Round? Square? Go for any of them and you’ll look fab. If you want more of a pop, go for a pattern!

If you have a ROUND FACE…

Your stunning face has full cheeks and a softly rounded forehead and chin. You can either go completely opposite to your face shape and rock a square style. Or! You can run with your round face and wear fully rounded sunglasses.

If you have a HEART SHAPED FACE…

The widest part of your darling face is at the cheekbones and then it narrows as it tapers to your adorable chin. The best design are those that mirror the shape of your face such as, cat eye shaped glasses or a chunkier design that is widest at the top.

If you have a SQUARE FACE…

The square features of your gorgeous face are strong and broad with a wide jaw and a square chin. The most flattering designs are round or oval shaped sunglasses, especially those that come in dark colors that create more drama.

There you go! A perfect outline for the next time you go shopping for new sunnies!


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