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How to Wear Jewelry with Sweaters

How to Wear Jewelry with Sweaters

The Sweater season is upon us! Although it is one of our favorite seasons here at Novadab we know that it is not always the easiest to style your outfits. Sweaters are so cozy to wear and create a perfect outfit with leggings or jeans but then how to accessorize? We have compelled a list of all the styles of sweaters in your closet and the best jewelry to pair with them. Read on for all the tips!


V-Neck Sweater with a Statement Necklace

The V-neck sweater creates the perfect space on your body to frame a statement necklace. Even if the piece drapes over the neckline a little it will still look spectacular on you while pulling your outfit together. There are so many fun, dynamic and intriguing statement necklaces out there that no matter your style, you’ll find the ideal one!


Turtleneck Sweater with Earrings and a Cuff

A turtleneck sweater is best accentuated by a pair of statement earrings and bracelet because of the height of the neckline and length of sleeves. The statement earring will bring sparkle to the turtleneck and create a fun flair without being too showy. The best bracelet choice is a cuff because there are no extra pieces to get caught in the sleeves.


Boatneck Sweater with a Multi-Layered Necklace

A Boatneck is one of the cleanest necklines you can choose for a sweater. There are many different necklaces that could be flattering but we think that the multilayered necklace is the best. You will never feel board with this kind of necklace since it can feel like different necklaces all worn together. When you have a simple neckline, you can go all out with your layers of jewels!


Crew Neck Sweater with a Long Pendant Necklace

A Crew Neck Sweater is an effortless top during the Fall and Winter. Our favorite necklace to pair with this classic neckline is a long pendant necklace. All styles have this kind of necklace, from boho to casual to special occasion. The length of the chain makes the pendant hang lower, so the piece of jewelry draws the eye up therefore making the wearer look thinner.


Cable Knit Sweater with Earrings and Bracelet

A Cable Knit Sweater is a very laid back and relaxed kind of top. It’s perfect for those chilly days in when all you want to do is cuddle up with a coffee and book. Since you may not be going out then choosing a simple earring and bracelet can dress up the sweater without it feeling out of place. Even on the restful days we still want a little sparkle!


Zip Neck Sweater with a Casual Necklace

A Zip Neck Sweater is another garment that can be worn in a more causal way. You can layer it over a t-shirt or style it on its own. We think that the best necklace to pair with this sweater is a causal necklace such as your everyday chain or a simple string of beads. You can bring more focus onto your jewelry depending on how much you unzip the neckline. The perfect flexible piece!

That’s it! We hope these six suggestions on how to wear jewelry with your sweaters has given you some fabulous ideas on how to style your outfits this Fall. We cannot wait to see how you dress your favorite Novadab pieces. 😊

Below is an image of all the pointers we put together just in case you want to pin it for later!

Did you find these tips helpful? Do you think we missed anything? Leave it in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you.

XO Novadab



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