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How to Wear Statement Earrings

How to Wear Statement Earrings

One of our favorite fashion trends going on right now is the statement earrings. Do you love them as well or do you find you are intimated? It can be hard with balancing the perfect outfit around something as bold as a statement earring, but we are here to help. We’ve laid out eight simple rules for you to follow with how to wear statement earrings.

One:  The Lighter the Better

We all love a good statement earring, but it is important that they are beautiful but not be too heavy. Stay away from anything with too much beading or metal as both these styles will pull on your ears when you wear them. Go for anything with faux rocks or pearls, cloth made pieces or resin hoops.

Two:  Simple Neckline

When in doubt with whether your outfit can carry a statement earring – go for a top with a simple neckline.Any neckline that has detailed embroidery, lacework, overwhelming pattern or scalloping then go for a smaller style. A clean scoop, V-neck, turtleneck, or strapless necklines make the perfect backdrop for a jazzy statement earring.

Three:  Highlight a Color from your Pattern

When you are wearing a patterned top, pants or dress pulling one color from the fabric and highlighting it in the earring will bring everything together.It will make it so that the whole outfit feels cohesive while also calling attention to one shade. If you are not sure what color to choose from in the pattern go for your favorite!

Four:  Go Neutral

Sometimes patterns can be overwhelming so the best statement earring to go with is a neutral one. You can go with something as simple as a Silver or Gold piece, a solid color – black, white or brown, or a mix of both. A natural stone could also be a great choice such as a pearl, malachite, tiger eye, carnelian or amethyst.

Five:  Create a Focal Point

When wearing a solid color dress, romper or outfit you can choose a colorful, detailed and bold statement earring to create a focal point for your ensemble. We love the look of a fancy dress, simple shoe and a pop of a daring earring. If you go all out on your earrings, either skip the rest of your jewelry or keep them very simple.

Six:  Bold Contrast

If you are not feeling the neutral look or matching with your outfit, then go for a bold contrast! One of our favorite summertime contrast styles is a bright coral with anyone of our turquoise items. Basically, if you are wearing a solid patterned outfit then go with a statement earring on the opposite side of the color wheel. Easy peasy!

Seven:  Dress up Casual

If you are wearing a daytime work outfit but have plans to go out later in the evening, then a great earring choice is a statement. That way you can seamlessly move from daywear to nightwear. If you are not going out after work but want to make your outfit feel a bit more dressed up or even elevate your mood, then go for statement earrings!

Eight:  Follow Your Heart

If in doubt with your earring choice then, follow your heart! We love this saying at Novadab because we believe that fashion is about what is fun for you. It is not about strict rules that someone else tells you that you have to listen to. If you love it but it is not on this list or someone else tells you it clashes then rock it anyways!

That’s it! There are the eight tips to follow when wearing statement earrings. Do you think we forgot anything – let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear what you think. <3


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