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Novadab’s 2022 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Novadab’s 2022 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We believe it is never too early to start thinking about all the mothers in of life and how we can thank them for everything they do.


Let’s be honest, being a Mom is a thankless job sometimes. There really is no way that on day year can add up to all the deserved gratitude. But! We do think that there are some really special ways that you can treat all the mothers and loved ones in your life on this Mother’s Day.


So, let’s get brainstorming! We may have a few weeks to go (at time of publication of this blog post) but some of these may take some time to plan or you may want to check things off your to-do list sooner rather than later.


Alright, shall we jump in?


  1. Picnic



For this one to work make sure that you can take care of all the aspects so that the Mom in the group does not need to lift a finger. Things you would need to do are plan out the menu, get the food made or delivered, choose the location, pack up the picnic, bring blankets and pillows, grab the drinks and drive to the location. That way all she has to do is block out the time (once told by you) and show up! Also make sure that you will unpack everything once you are back and do the dishes if there are any. Those are the real gifts!



  1. Personalized items



You can gift her our top selling personalized bracelet! Novadab’s Designer Baroque Beaded Bracelet is a beautiful collection of charms that every mother will love. When it is personalized with her initial and birthstone, she will know that you care for her deeply. We can even customize the bracelet even more (small additional charge) so if you would like to have the children’s birthstones instead of the mom’s that can be done as well. What a lovely day to honor your mom!



  1. Spa Day



Who does not want a day away at the spa? Even if you can spring for a day or weekend away at a fancy spa then paying for her to have her manicure and pedicure done can do the trick. The best way to make sure this is a true treat is to plan it out for her and make sure the kids are taken care of, so she does not need to plan for that. That way it will be a relaxing experience where she gets to focus on herself!



  1. Plants



Okay, you may be wondering why I didn’t put flowers on the list – hear me out! We love flower bouquets, and you can never go wrong with those, but they do die. Whereas potted flowers can be planted and flower throughout the growing season or grow back every year. How lucky would it be that your Mom gets a reminder for that long about how much you love and care for her? You can easily grab plants at the local garden store and pot them up for her or have a floral designer put it together for you.



  1. Shopping



Who doesn’t love shopping? Especially if it is kid free and with a yummy coffee in hand! For this gift make sure that you have planned for the kids to be taken care of and for the mom to plan out a couple hours at her favorite place to shop. Bonus points if it includes some money to spend on the shopping trip and if it includes some of her friends then all the better! It doesn’t have to be a fancy weekend away in the city. Even just a trip to Target counts!



  1. Mother’s Day items



Mother’s Day is one of our favorite holidays at Novadab because we get to shower all the important people in your lives with gifts. As it should be! We have a bunch of stunning Mother’s Day themed pieces that range from necklaces to bracelets to necklace sets. All of them will look amazing mom, wife or loved one. No matter her style – you will find the perfect jewelry gift for her!



  1. Monthly book subscription



A good book is one of our favorite ways to enjoy a moment of free time. They can educate you, transport you to a different world, inspire you, and so much more! We are aa big fan of the monthly book subscriptions that send you books every month to enjoy. Do you have an avid reader on your Mother’s Day list? Then this is the perfect gift that keeps on giving throughout the year!



  1. Performance



It’s weird that we finally get to be able to entertain the idea of going to concerts and other live performances, thanks Covid -- but we do! Getting tickets to the mothers in your life favorite comedian, performance artist, or speaker is a great idea for Mother’s Day because it gives them a chance to have an entire night out. Make sure that you have taken care of the transport, babysitters, and food to make the evening even more special.

There you go! Those are our 8 suggestions for the best gifts to get the mothers in your life for Mother’s Day 2022.

We know that making the day feel special is the most important so if all else fails just try to do something nice for her so that she knows how loved, cherished and adored she is.

Good luck! Let us know if you end up giving any of these gifts in the comments!







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