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Tips To Accentuate Your Statement Necklace

Tips To Accentuate Your Statement Necklace

Designer Necklace sets have always been in fashion with their bold looks and appealing styles. Quite affordable, fashion jewelry is easily available in jewelry sections of departmental and clothing stores. You can alter your complete look with a bold cameo necklace but wearing any statement necklace is also governed with some rules. Here are some tips that will help you to accentuate your statement necklace exceptionally:

Tie your hair high

Wearing a bold necklace is always referred to make it noticeable; hence you need to knead your hair as a sleek pony tail or a high bun so that your necklace will not get covered with your hair. Bring your statement necklace into spotlight with subtle hair-dos and flaunt your fashion in style.

Avoid over-doing your jewelry

If you want every eye to be glued on your necklace, avoid using earrings or any other designer jewelry. If you do not wish to avoid earrings, you may go will small studs but avoid wearing bolder ones. Not just the earrings, even keep your cocktail rings and bracelets minimal. Keep in mind, that your statement necklace should not have any sort of competition.

Go with a simple top

A simple and solid top can work wonders in accentuating your statement necklace. To make your necklace eye-catchy, avoid wearing a glittery top. Simple prints and sleek colors can also be opted to highlight your statement necklace.

Go for contrasting shades

Designer necklace is best accentuated when worn in contrasting shades. If you are wearing a gold-colored dress, wearing a gold color necklace may be an ideal match but it might not catch the attention so well. Alternately, the same gold-color necklace with a black dress will be an ultimate choice and shall be highlighted well to make it a statement necklace.

Pick a shade that compliments your skin tone

For matte to dark skin tones, gold color is considered as best while silver shade of necklace goes well with natural skin tones. Crystal shades like purple, blue and red goes best with the cooler skin tone while warmer skin tones need the crystal shades like green, yellow and orange. Picking up a right shade as per your skin tone is crucial in giving an edge to your statement necklace.

Define length of your necklace according to your neck-size

If you have long neck, you may go with choker style necklace that will accentuate your neck-area and collar-bone well. People with shorter neck should prefer long chain necklaces. If you are lucky to have medium neck, you can wear all kind of necklace that will go well with your neck-size.

Choose the pattern as per your outfit

If you have a broad-neck outfit, choker-style necklace goes best with them. Choker style necklace get most accentuated with it has more bare skin around. For high-neck outfits and evening wear, you should pick necklace with long chain. So, these simple tips will not only accentuate your designer necklace but help you defining an ultimate fashion statement.


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