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What Your Bracelets Say About You

What Your Bracelets Say About You

Are you curious how to classify your style? Do you wonder what your ensemble says about your overall likes and dislikes? There are many different kinds of bracelets to choose from to cultivate your attire -- what you chose usually ends up highlighting more about you than just your style. Below are six different bracelet styles and how they describe each individual who enjoys them.

Style One: The Trend Setter

Do you love all things trendy? There are many people who enjoy wearing the most current styles and being influenced by trends. If you are drawn to popular trends, then it is likely that you are drawn to anything that is popular. You are able to be flexible with your style and not be narrowed into any particular genre.

Style Two: The Prepster

Are you drawn to a preppy style? Then you love to wear anything with pops of cold and bold prints in structured silhouettes. If you choose this style for your attire, then you are likely to be drawn to a classic design. Whether it is in your outfit choice or home you prefer nautical neutrals with contrasting splashes of bright colors.

Style Three: The Minimalist

Do you prefer a more clean and simple jewelry style? You will then be drawn to simplistic designs that are well made, elementary, and uncomplicated. If you find that you prefer a sparse vibe then a minimal look is for you. You enjoy featuring one or two items while so that the rest does not take away from your overall look.

Style Four:  The Femme

Are you attracted to a more feminine or girly look? Then you love to surround yourself with soft, delicate and romantic styles. If you lean towards a femme feel then flowers, lace and soft colors are more your kind of thing. You crave comfort balanced with sexy and the feminine design helps you achieve that goal from fashion to homewares.

Style Five: The Bohemian

Do you favor a boho style? If so, then you gravitate towards earth tones and billowy silhouettes in your fashion along with relaxed, monochromatic and laidback design in your home. If you love chunky, handmade and natural jewelry, then the bohemian style is your jam. You prefer to surround yourself with handcrafted and original pieces to create a soothing environment.

Style Six: The Edgy Girl


If you want a quick go to chart, we've created this easy reference for you.

Are you unconventional when it comes to your style? Then you chose to create edge and contradiction with almost anything you wear. Your favorites are unusual combinations that make you stand out and be different. You do not like being grouped in with others and would rather make a statement then blend into the crowd.

Does this help clear up your style choices? We certainly hope that you now realize that your fashion emanates your personality and is not just what you wear. Any questions? Pop them in the comments! <3


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