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Which Necklace to Wear with What Neckline

Which Necklace to Wear with What Neckline

It is finally summer -- thank goodness for the sun, warm days and seasonal fashion styles! One of the best parts of summer fashion is the different necklines that each top, shirt or dress brings to the table. Do you find with the plethora of necklines that finding the perfect necklace to go with it is stressful? Do you wish you had a straightforward answer with what style of necklace to look for in your collection once you’ve chosen your outfit? In the past we have struggled with the same thing when creating ensembles with our outfits and jewelry, so we compiled a list of easy to follow rules.

We’ve pulled together four different styles of necklaces so that you can see which necklines combined with these necklaces create the most flattering silhouette. If those examples aren’t enough, we have created a simple go to image that includes them all at the bottom of the post.

Delicate Pendant Necklace

The best necklines for these small and delicate pieces of jewelry are scoop or cowl necklines. The reason for that is because then the necklace can perfectly rest on the skin without interrupting the shirt neckline. Even though the necklace is small it will make the biggest impact with these tops.

Statement Necklace

The necklines that flatter a statement necklace are those of a V-neck or a shirt with a collar because they perfectly frame the statement necklace. When wearing a statement piece, you really want it to be the focal point of your outfit and with these necklines it can be.

Long Necklace

The best necklines for long necklaces are crew cut, boat and turtleneck. These necklaces help elongate your frame and make you look thinner, especially without the distraction of the break of the neckline. Who doesn’t want to look taller and thinner? Stock up on long necklaces now!

Multilayered Necklace

Necklines that flatter multilayered necklaces are strapless or a ballet top. These two necklines are associated with night wear and many dresses have one of these two styles. That is why you will typically see a multilayered necklace worn with them because the necklaces tend to be seen as more fancy than casual.

If you want a quick go-to to save on your phone here is a really helpful image that we made.

Did you find this helpful? Do you think we missed any important ones? Any other questions about particular necklines or necklace styles? Let us know in the comments.


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