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Rainbow Crystal Drop Earrings



♥CRYSTAL DROP EARRINGS♥These crystal drop earrings are available in two colors; with rainbow colors for fashion and white for classic vintages. This Austria crystal dangle earring is very tempting and appeals to countless people.Believe in yourself; be the brightest and most beautiful yourself.

♥MATERIALS♥The material of this pendant stud earring is made of Austria's drop-shaped crystal; mini small Austria zircon and s925 metal; electroplated white gold; passed the product quality and safety inspection; no harm to the skin; no allergies; can be assured use.

♥SIZE♥The size of this stud earring is 11mm*16mm; the overall size is 11mm*33mm; the length is moderate; it is suitable for wearing; and it looks good.

♥DANGLE EARRINGS♥According to statistics; earrings are the most popular type of jewelry in all jewelry. There is a saying that women's wardrobes are always missing a piece of clothing. The same is true for earrings. You always want to find a next earring. Then; our crystal dangle earrings must be the one you are looking for; which can be given to friends; girlfriends; mothers; and daughters. This is suitable for any occasion and is very popular.

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