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About Us

Our incredible journey from Texas to New Hampshire!

The idea of Novadab came from Andy Malhotra way back in 2015. It brought a new dimension to the fashion marketplace and made the finest fashion jewelry available to many with just one click. In 2018 Rocky Cleborne bought the company and started to grow the company quickly with his ideas to expand its horizons. He started with moving the warehouse from Texas to New Hampshire, focusing on customer service, expanding our platforms and growing into a vendor market place! The day to day operations of the company are managed by Rockwell Cleborne’s daughter Waite Cleborne. She works closely with our platforms and vendors helping with the continued growth of Novadab.

Today we have grown to a team of more than 20 people who are dedicated to Novadab. Whether it being delivering the utmost customer service or taking the fashion accessory marketplace to the next level.

The expansion of the company from TX to NH could not have been done without our amazing Shipping Team. Currently, our shipping department operates from the small town of Wolfeboro, NH and efficiently handles a large volume of orders on a day-to-day basis. The shipping team works tirelessly to fulfil orders with the upmost care and create custom designed items for our customers. The shipping team is led by Jaime Elliott who manages an excellent team and proudly puts all her effort in running a smooth warehouse.

The development of the company could not have happened with the illustrious and hardworking IT team in India. The marketing team in India covers product listing, website maintenance, marketing management and inventory management.

We also have a spectacular customer support team that works incredibly hard to support all our customer’s needs. The amazing team leader, Sahil Jain, manages the customer service team, technical aspects, manages the accounts and everything else Novadab needs.

We are a diverse team of professionals with the aim of creating the highest level of service and are proud to represent Novadab. We have partnered with several platforms who have listed our exclusive range of products so that more people can experience Novadab. We learned so much from these platforms and market places that today we are now our own market place! Under the esteemed supervision of Waite Cleborne, Novadab has taken a new leap of entering into the market place segment. We have already added several vendors who have listed their products on our website. Our ultimate goal is to make our website a one-stop solution for all your styling needs with a versatile range of quality products.

We have loved the journey of growing Novadab in the past year and look forward to the future and everything that holds. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, then please fill out the vendor inquiry form and welcome to our Novadab family!



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