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What’s the Novadab Rewards Program?

The Reward Points program is our customer reward program, allowing customers to receive incentives and reward points on every purchase of a product as well as reward points for all other actions on our site (such as registering, referring friends etc).

How does it work?

Reward points will be directly added to your account as soon as you complete certain actions in the Novadab Store. You can use those reward points towards the purchase of any products from Novadab.

Please see the details of the program as follows


Earn 2 points for every $1 you
spend at NOVADAB


Signup and Get
100 Reward Points

Refer A Friend

Their first order:
500 points on their first purchase
Get Referral Code

Q & A

How do I spend points on order discounts?

Spending your points on order discounts is easy. First, make sure you're logged in to your novadab account. Then simply add the products you want to purchase to your shopping cart and to choose how many points you want to spend on your discount.

How do I spend points on products and gear?

Make sure you're logged in to your novadab account. Then head over to our Catalog and choose the products , you want to purchase with your points. You will get an option to redeem your points on checkout page.

Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?

Nope! We encourage you to use all the available methods to earn as many points as possible so you can spend these points on order discounts or products from our rewards catalog.

How do I refer people and earn points?

There are two easy ways you can refer people to Novadab and earn points.

  1. Give them your referral code. This code is entered when the person creates an account or places an order with us.
  2. Give them your URL. When the person clicks your URL and creates an account or places their first order at you will be credited.

Your referral code and URL are available from the Referral Program Page in your Novadab Account.

Can I claim points for orders, reviews, referrals or shares that took place before the Rewards Program started?

Unfortunately not. Reward points will only be issued for orders, referrals that occur after the program has begun.

Can I Exchange My Reward Points?

No, your Reward Points can only be redeemed toward store credit on They cannot be redeemed for cash or exchanged for any other services.

How Can I Cancel A Redemption Request?

You can reverse a request for redemption of Reward Points by contacting our Customer Support Team via email ( within 48 hours of placing the order.

How do I know how many Reward Points I have?

You can view your Reward Points on your “My Account” page under the “My Reward Points” section.

How long will it take for my Reward Points to be credited to my account?

You can earn reward points through various methods:

  • Creating an account: As soon as you create your Novadab account, the Reward Points will be added to your account.
  • Orders: When you purchase any jewelry, Your Reward Points will be credited to your account on same time.
  • Referring a Friend: Your Reward Points will be credited to your account once your friend registers with Novadab and completes their first purchase.


I have made a transaction and the required Reward Points have still not been credited to my account, what do I do now?

In the rare instance when a transaction has not been credited to your account, please send a mail to along with a copy of the order confirmation.

What is the value of Reward Points? And how do I receive them?

Every 100 Reward Points are equivalent to $ 1. There are a number of simple ways to earn Reward Points:

  • Signing up for an account! On creating your Novadab account, 100 Reward Points will be added to your account automatically!
  • Shopping! For every $1 that you spend on Novadab, you will receive 2 reward point.
  • Referring Friends! Once you refer a friend, you will earn 500 Reward Points. These points will be added to your account once your friend registers with Novadab and completes their first purchase on (See our Refer A Friend section for more information)


Who can become a member of the Novadab Rewards program?

Anybody! The minute you create an account on, you are automatically signed up for the Novadab Rewards Program.